8 Leaf Digital is an investment and product group that provides digital strategy, design and development services.


We provide strategic consulting services that transform ideas into reality. Our corporate and product strategies are anchored in a customer centred mindset that turn buzzwords in to tangible plans.


 The design phase of a project applies strategy  to create a blueprint and plan for your project.  Our design approach is relentless in customer focused and ensuring alignment with business goals. 



Execution is where strategy and design come together. Our agile methodology and user centred approach to  development allows our team to remain stay on course throughout.

Client Overview


8 Leaf has worked with a wide variety of clients including public institutions, non-profits, publishers, telcos, TV networks, and educational institutions.

Our portfolio of work  ranges from  strategic visioning to complete product design, management and development.  

8 Leaf focuses on aligning business goals, technical capabilities, and customer needs.


Cully: an AI powered event discovery platform



Cully learns about the things you like to do so that it can recommend activities that you will love. It listens to your tastes and compares them to what’s trending, the time of day, weather, and your location.

The result? The perfect list of things to do, curated just for you.

Sign up for Cully today and discover new sights to see and things to do. 


Biba brings digital games to the real world. 


Biba is a patented augmented reality app that brings digital games to the playground to encourage real world physical play. Originally developed by 8 Leaf in 2010, Biba has been spun out as an independent company. Biba is distributed by PlayPower, North America's largest playground manufacturer and is currently being installed in playgrounds across the country. 


Bringing a classic to life. 


We worked with Pulitzer Prize winning author, Art Spiegelman, to bring his acclaimed graphic novel, Maus, to life through the integration of multi-media archives with the novel. The project was in part archival and restorative, taking original materials and digitizing them such as Art's tape recorded interviews with his father Vladek and in part design challenge in how we integrated thousands of images, hours of audio and video into the comic book. The project was published by Random House in North America and the UK. We have since produced a German, French, and Italian version. 


A multi-platform campaign to launch sci-fi TV Series


8 Leaf partnered with Zeros 2 Heroes Media to develop the strategy, design the digital campaign, and manage the production for the premiere of the multi-platform TV series Continuum. The series premiered on the Showcase network and was supported with digital extensions that provided fans with an online community, real world events, and narrative extensions that broadened the narrative world. The campaign provided a rich and dynamic experience that powered the series through 5 seasons and international acclaim. 


Supporting teachers across the state of New Jersey


The NJ DOE Resource Exchange was designed and built to support teachers across the state of NJ to organize, discover, and share curriculum aligned teaching resources. The platform hosted tens of thousands of resources and was used by thousands of teachers to ease the adoption of national common core learning standards. 


Designing a new form of social learning.


We were tasked with the research and design of a new platform that allowed students to navigate educational content through linked learning and social layers. The result of our design efforts was a rich concept where content silos were replaced with related content and social data was integrated to enrich the learning experience.